Legends are very important in every sport. They are used as a reference and a lot of upcoming professionals what to be just like them. Legends point out the history of a sport and a team. All of those things are very important as they are some of the reasons why some people favor one team over another.

As much as Legends are important, new generation players are just as important too. The new generation perfects the craft and make the sports better suited for today’s audience. Old players had by the book type of skills, and in some instances, there would be a few payers that had a different technique that made the fans go crazy.

The new school players have learned to incorporate speed, skill, and all the moves that make fans come back for more. The list below includes some of the modern-day players that are famous for their skills as well as points scoring abilities.

New School Legends

  • Connor McDavid. He is a forward for the Edmonton Oilers. He has managed to score at least 100 points in the last two seasons. This goes to show that he is in great form and might achieve these great results in the next season. He has also won the Art Ross Trophy, which is given to the player with the highest points in the season.
  • Sidney Crosby. He is a forward for the Pittsburgh Penguins. He won the Stanley Cup 3 times with the Penguins. He also played 82 games with the Penguins, and these are his career highest matches.
  • Alex Ovechkin. He is current with the Washington Capitals and plays as a forward. He has only managed to win the Stanley Cup once in his entire career. He has also won the Conn Smythe Cup at the age of 33. Also, the 2nd youngest player to score 700 career goals.