The National Hockey League (NHL) is a league for professional players in North America. This league is mostly found in the United States where 24 teams are registered, and Canada which has a total of seven teams. The hockey which is played in this league is similar to the game played in other countries. Some of the significant differences include the intensity, the surface (ice rather than a field) and the players’ attire.

National Hockey League Attire

In the NHL, players wear thick, long jerseys and long pants. This is meant to protect the players from all sorts of injuries and to keep them warm since they play on ice. The other form of hockey has different attire altogether. The men wear shorts and either a vest or a short sleeve shirt, while the ladies wear either tight shorts and a vest or a sleeveless short dress.

NHL players use skates to manoeuvre on the ice. The boots are mostly made of heavy-duty leather to protect the players’ feet. The blades are made of stainless steel, and the high-end ones can stay sharp for longer. Players must protect their hands at all times, especially when falling, as their fingers could be run over and chopped off. The skates must not be too tight or too loose, as this could have adverse effects on the player’s agility. The skates are divided into two categories; one for regular players and one for goalkeepers. It is also imperative for a player to know the difference and choose the right ones. Regular players need skates that are equipped with sharp blades that allow them to be quick and make sharp turns when necessary. Goalie skates enable the goalkeeper to be able to slide and go to the ground at will to defend the goal.