The National Hockey League (NHL) has a set of rules that cover issues such as fights and attire. These rules are thorough and try to encompass all possible aspects of the game. For any queries, one can log onto the NHL website where all the rules are stated.

Cup Winners

The following teams have won the Stanley Cup.

  • The current team that holds Stanley Cup Championship is St Louis Blues (2019). Had the season not been postponed, they probably could have won the cup for the second time running. They are currently second place in the league right now.
  • The Montreal Canadieans have won the Stanley Cup more times than any NHL team. They have won a total of 23 championships. Most of their championships were won in the early stages of the NHL, with their first win being recorded in 1924. Their last Championship win was 27 years ago in 1993. They are currently sitting at number 24 this season, so their odds of winning this year’s cup are none existent.
  • Toronto Maple Leafs. They are the team with the second-highest number of Stanley Cup wins. They have won a total of 13, 10 less than The Montreal Canadiens. Just like The Montreal Canadiens, they too registered their first victory in the early stages of the NHL history and do not have any recent wins in the league. Their last recorded win was in 1967.

The teams with more championships seem to be performing poorly in the league right now, and the ones with a few championships seem to be doing better. Perhaps the caliber and spirit of the players in those clubs has gone down. It is very evident that drastic changes need to be implemented for them to get back to winning ways and to please the current fans who have never witnessed their teams lift the Cup.