Team News

The current National Hockey League (NHL) season has not yet been completed. Due to COVID-19, which has been declared a global pandemic by the WHO (World Health Organisation), all the games have been postponed to a later date that has not been determined. The NHL could either assess the situation and postpone the rest of the season to a time they deem will be safe for both players and fans. This option rests on the developments, mainly the odds of getting a vaccine by that time and the odds of having fewer cases of infected people who still have the virus. The other option is to end the season as it is and name the current winner at this point the season winner.

This option seems like the lesser evil. A lot of teams that were eying the championship and thought they were on track to get it might not be happy with this decision. The current champion is St. Louis Blues, who managed to bag their first championship ever. They are currently sitting in second place and would definitely want to continue the league at some point. Boston Bruins occupy the top spot at the moment with 100 points, six points ahead of St Louis Blue’s plus they have a game in hand.


Ice Hockey tends to get a bit physical, and players get heated. It is only natural, especially when a lot is at stake. There are a set of penalties in place for when infractions have occurred.

  • Minor Penalty. This one only lasts two minutes and is called when there is elbowing, charging hooking, and other minor issues.
  • Major Penalty. It lasts for five minutes, and it is called when a minor infraction occurs with the intention of injury.
  • Misconduct. This penalty lasts ten minutes and is called when a player gets two major penalties in a game. The penalty affects the player only and not the team.