NHL players

Predicting top the best NHL players in 2019-2020 season

Hockey is considered as one of the most favorite sports for the young. It is a team sport therefore it is suitable to play with classmates or colleagues after under pressure of working and studying.

The 2019-2020 season is coming soon. Although general status is affected by coronavirus, all situations should be improved and recovered soon. Then the NHL season will continue to practice normally.

In this article, we give predictions about top the best NHL players in 2019-2020. In term of NHL player performance in 2018-2019 as well transfers contract, we make rankings as the following.

1/ Jack Eichel

In this season, he will play at the offense for Boston University (standing for NCAA). In the last season, he was a good NHL player for USHL. Then the transfer deal moves him to new team.

As comments from experts, Jack is a skilled player with full experiences during six seasons. His performance is always outstanding and smooth with other teammates. Although he faces with some notorious stories about life, he has a numerous mount of girl fans because of special talent and good appearance.

2/ Connor McDavid

He is playing for Erie Otters (standing for OHL). He is highly appreciated as the biggest phenom of OHL in this season because he is famous for incredible level about complication and combination in delivery.

Some fans of OHL expect that McDavid will brighten as the best player in this season after six years for hockey career. Furthermore, some experts like Morreale also gives predictions that McDavid could dominate this season by smooth skills in finding open areas on ice without being struck. Through his experience improved from many years before, he can continue to get more powerful and stronger among other NHL players.