This year’s playoffs are scheduled to begin on the 8th of April, four days after the regular season. It is yet to be determined whether or not the playoffs are to take place during the scheduled period. The COVID-19 virus has put a dark cloud over everything, including sports. If this virus is still spreading around the period where the playoffs are to happen, the playoffs might either be postponed to a later stage or canceled.

It has happened in the past that the playoffs were canceled, and that year no team won the Stanley Cup. During the time that this occurred, the influenza virus had caused havoc in the league and other sports, and so the NHL decided to cancel the playoffs.

The 2020 Playoffs

Everyone who is a fan of ice hockey is looking forward to the playoffs this year. The 2020 edition of the playoffs is scheduled to feature 24 teams. This is a huge step up from the usual 16 teams that previously went to the playoffs. This will allow other smaller teams a chance to participate in this prestigious event. It often happens that when teams that are seen as underdogs are given a chance to enter into tournaments like these, they exceed people’s expectations. Most teams go into the matches ill-prepared or without their key players thinking that it will be a walk in the park only to return home with their tails between their legs.

Underrated teams know their weaknesses, and so they train hard and employ different strategies to cover up their flaws. The current champions (St Louis Blues) are a very underrated team. Despite it being difficult to win the league back to back, they seem like they are on track to do so. The Colorado Avalanche is also another underrated team that has a shot at the cup.