All season long, teams work hard with one primary goal in mind, winning the Stanley Cup. Winning this cup raises a team’s profile, and the rankings of the players who were instrumental also go up. For some, winning this cup is a pipe dream due to the caliber of the players as well as the funds available, but for others, this dream is one they can feel each season.

It is reported that the Stanley Cup is the oldest prize handed out in North America. It was donated to the league by a gentleman called Sir Frederick Arthur Stanley. This individual was Lord Stanley of Preston. His high title made the donation that much more prestigious, and every team wanted to receive it at the end of the season. He originally donated it so that the champions in hockey could receive it in 1892. in 1893 this cup was won by the Montreal Amateur Association.


The NHL only began to own the Stanley Cup in 1910, and from about 1926, only NHL teams were allowed to take part in competitions to win this prestigious cup.

Facts About the Cup

  • The Montreal Canadiens have won the Stanley Cup more times than any team in the league, 23 times to be exact. They have won it ten more than the team in second place in terms of winning it.
  • Most sports only put the team name and year of winning the tournament on the trophy. The NHL is a bit different in that it is the only one that puts the names of all the championship-winning players on the trophy.
  • The championship players as well as staff get to keep the trophy in their possession for a total of 24 hours. This must be a thrilling 24 hours for the players and staff involved.